What happened ?

In the following Emails you can read what has happened a few days before the police arrested him and took the girls away. It´s all caused due to a made up story from a young woman called Gloria and the unprofessional journalism from an local Ugandan newspaper called New Visionhttp://www.newvision.co.ug/

29. Nov 10:46 AM from Bery to Roxane ( She is a partner of Bery´s Place and has a NGO in the USA to find sponsors for the girls at Berys):

Dearest Roxane, Am amazed that only Sylvia arrived with Ziyada, and that Lt. Rose and Aziza went with Gloria. The same Gloria which talks bad about you, the same which I chased from here as she wants to write an newspaper article about us, asking to many question about our kids, their background, their experiences, their life here, maybe even targeting me.
I suggest you call your/our daughters and make them aware of Gloria’s hidden agenda.
Not that I have anything to hide, but sick minds can twist the truth, the facts as such, to achieve what they want. I’m not willing to contribute by doing so harming all we worked for.
Please do the necessary.
Love, me

30. Nov 09:29 AM from Bery to Roxane

Dearest Roxane,

I did not bother you regarding Gloria’s visit to us as it was for me a closed non-issue.

In regards to Gloria, I just wanted to be polite, helpful, had however no clue of her motivation to come here. When I told Ziyada that she was coming, Ziyada told me that your support stopped in the last term as Gloria deceived you ??? No details, but I was reluctant to have her here, especially as she, a couple of years ago left our house, in questionable circumstances. However as she received your goodwill I did not make a fuss of it and just concluded that she was not the right person to be supported by us, as she herself acted like a spoiled brat, solely interested in money.

While here there were also issues of missing moneys and when she left there was also a brand-new Nokia phone in my night table draw foreseen for someone.

Nevertheless she came, and as she slept with Flavia in the clinic, they conversed and Flavia told me that Gloria studied miscommunication / journalism, (even if I remember her studying to become a counselor) and that she had to deliver three articles as part of her fieldwork for school/college or university. She stated that she wanted to write an article about us, the Health services and the functioning of the Police on the island.

She was drafting the same on Flavia’s laptop. Then she ask me to transfer her document from Flavia’s laptop to mine, enabling me to mail it to her, accompanied by some pictures. As I wanted to do so, I read her draft, and noticed that she has inaccurately collected her data, especially about us, and our legalities, facts connected with our foundation. All that besides many other mistakes, misspelling of names, wrong dates, etc…. . She further inaccurately described our objective and our functioning, by writing and publishing so, would have created harm for us and the ones we care for.

(Attached you find my mail to her, including the pictures sent.)

Then she departed, and called me several times, asking more questions; However heard every time several click’s in the beginning and at the end of our conversation, somehow making me wonder if she was taping/recording the same. While she ask me particulars about children she knew, including yours, and I refused to provide such confidential information, then she stated that she was concerned about my wellbeing and that someone should sleep with me in case of an emergency, and although this is a fact as I’m plagued often by nightly cramps, I explained to her that I have 2 of our elder daughters, now JoAn and Big Winnie , trained and informed to medicate me, to test my blood, to inject me and to help me in an emergency if and when my blood sugar levels go to low.  However, if a sick mind sees bad things in that, I need to react, maybe overly concerned based on my previous experience. Further, she asked if it is a fact that sick children sleep with me……., somehow true but they don’t sleep with me, but in my room, as I every couple of hours need to change their infuses, their drip’s at night, medicate them. Others, bed-wetter’s sleep also on protect mattresses on the floor in my room, as I sleep irregularly, able to take them 2 – 3 times a night to the toilet. Again if one misstates the same, twist the truth, then great harm will done. I rejected to continue to communicate with her, and sent her the following mail on November 11th.


Dearest Gloria,

With all due respect but we all have the feeling that your trying to advance your position as a journalist by trying to write a story not based on facts and on actual data but on twisted, some misunderstood half-truths or third party information you gained. You interpret the same based on the knowledge/wisdom you have, obviously insufficient to judge objectively nor is such based on proper information, professional standards.

You are asking me leading question and are trying to force me to give you answers to these, that match you uninformed opinion.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, I’m not willing to cooperate anymore as I have lost confidence in your reporting style, as your questions, as well as the initial draft I have in my possession, lack the necessary objectivity and professionalism.

I nevertheless wish you well as a human being, would however appreciate if you could refrain from building your future on the back of my children.


Bernhard (Bery) Glaser

Chairperson, Board of Trustees

Ssese Humanitarian Services



Then she called and as I refused to speak with her she spoke to Flavia, and told her, that if I don’t speak to her, that she’ll get me in other ways. That’s …. my side of the story.

If you have any influence, then please control her, as I’m not able, willing to have another bad experience here, due to a poorly researched and responsible story. I encountered enough abuse.

Thank you for doing the necessary, Bery

02. Dec. 5.00PM from Ingrid (Berys Partner, lives in Belgium)

till now I have no more news, am waiting for some from Julius
All kids are taken away this morning in a Police bus also Bery to Kampala
All seems to be caused by a young lady named Gloria Musiime, who now works for an UG newspaper , new vision