Bery’s Place & Ssese Humanitarian Services are looking for eager volunteers to assist in our mission of providing the Kalangala youth with responsible sexual health resources and counselling. We accept volunteers from a variety of countries with a variety of backgrounds, but we prefer volunteers with experience in working with kids, as one of your primary responsibilities will be acting as an older sibling who these girls can trust and look up to.

What will I be doing?

In addition to being a Big Sibling to our girls, what projects you work on are tailored to your experiences and the needs of our center. Specific projects we currently need volunteers for are:

  • Marketing our services to the local community
  • Updating and upgrading our IT presence
  • Creating a new volunteer IT platform
  • Fundraising to maintain our center in Mweena
  • Psychological assessment and counseling of our girls
  • Functioning as Big Brother and Big Sister to our girls
  • Career and vocational development, and professional training
    • Focusing on Small plot farming
    • Cooking, Catering, Hospitality Services, initiating B&B services
  • Sexual and reproductive health counseling and education in local schools
  • Adolescent Medical Sexual Health Services

However, the role you play does not have to be limited to just that. Previously we have had volunteers work in building our center, maintaining our vegetable garden, developing our website, photographing our events and administrating our day-to-day functions. Other’s we link to other Island Institutions, Authorities, Schools, Hotels, NGO’s, CSO’s and CBO’s, and continue to offer BerysPlace as a safe haven for these that like that option. For more information, please contact us.

How much commitment do we need?

We prefer volunteers to dedicate at least one month, preferable longer. Working with kids, can be challenging at first, so we prefer long-term volunteers to make it easier to build trust with our girls.

Once you are here, we ask that you are available around the clock in case a sudden need arises. However, there will be free time for you to work on your own individual projects.

What are the costs?

We require a 22.50 Euro (25 USD) donation per day you intend to spend at our center. Additional costs will include airfare, cell phone service and internet (20-50 USD per month), as well as souvenirs from the local markets.

What is included?

With your donation we provide housing on-site in our volunteer apartment or guestroom, which includes electricity, two single beds, a private bathroom with shower and Satellite television.

We also provide you with three meals per day, fusion meals prepared with local meats and healthy vegetarian options, local fruits, vegetables from our garden, eggs, rice, pasta, etc….. next to the more typical local cuisine. Beverages have to be paid separately.

Finally, we will pick you up from the landing site here on the island, just a short ferry ride away from the only international airport in Uganda, Entebbe International Airport.

How do I get there?

The closest airport to our center is the Entebbe International Airport (EBB). You can arrange through your own travel agency if it is cheaper, but our preferred airline is Brussels Airlines as they provide the best and most flexible service, and even extra luggage allowances. For longer term stays, they offer Missionary Fares, but only if your flights are booked thru their Kampala office. Their website is http://uganda.brusselsairlines.com/   Please CC us, so that we can support your application.

From there you will need to take the MV Kalangala, a ferry that leaves once a day at 14:00 from its landing site in Entebbe arriving here qat 17:30 PM, in our home at 18:00 PM.

For more information on our volunteer program, please see our flyer, although the “Fees” have been updated to the current cost’s mentioned above. Everything else stays valid.  Bery’s Place Volunteer Description

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