Support a Girl

“Investment in girl’s education may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world.” ~Lawrence Summers, former chief economist of the World Bank

Thank you for considering sponsoring one of the girls at Bery’s Place! Our girls range in age from 6 to 17. They are bright, driven, and ambitious girls. However, they need your help if they hope to accomplish their full potential.

Each month it takes a minimum of €45 to give one of these girls the essentials – food, shelter, clothing, as well as holistic medical, mental and pedagogical care. We will support both your endeavors by providing parental care and a healthy, conductive environment. However, that is not the entire mission here.

We provide our girls with the best education possible matching their profiles and capacities to the best schools Kalangala has to offer. Consequentially, the ideal private schools require students to pay for school fees (and boarding fees, if required), the mandatory uniforms, and necessary school related supplies, just to name a few fees. The monthly cost amount varies depending on the girl, as some girls are in different levels of school and have different needs, but, in order to give one of our girls an opportunity for a better life, a life with options, contributions needed for one girl is around €85 per month.

Of course, if you expect that you cannot make a commitment to a monthly payment, we do accept one-time donations of any amount. 

(To minimize bank charges, we recommend donors and sponsors pay online. Using our secure process below, you can donate via PayPal.)  

When you contact us, we will ensure that you, as sponsor, are prepared to remain a part of the child’s life. This commitment does not only have to be financial; many of our sponsors also take interest in the girl’s well-being and development. These girls are awaiting someone they can view as an older sibling or parent. The love you can give is just as important as the money, and we can assure you it is a heartening experience being someone these girls look up to and love.

For more information please contact us. You could be sponsoring the next Ugandan teacher, journalist, performer, nurse or lawyer.