For the time being we see the following alternatives ;

  1. A occasional cash donation.
  2. A donation of girls clothings, bedding, etc …. .
  3. The donation of assets, wherever.
  4. A consideration in your “Last Will-Testament”.

For more information please contact our “Treasurer”, or donate.

ad 1.

  • for the education of a girl without an individual sponsor, without making a personal commitment
  • for better medical care (extensive post-traumatic physical or mental health care)
  • for the upgrading of our current facilities;

What do we need now?

A semi-industrial kitchen; a suitable building extension has been constructed, now we still have a need for semi-professional kitchen-equipment and material, as well as youth friendly restaurant furniture.

As the future of our islands is mainly connected to tourism, the hospitality industry at large, we also like to provide some cooking & baking as well as interpersonal skills to our kids, to such academically less inclined, by doing so providing them with marketable skills, or enabling them to produce marketable products to help sustain our initiative, themselves.

This kitchen should address our own needs but I like to use it also for vocation skill purposes, by creating a small 5 table restaurant, mainly geared towards a middle class public, providing decent American and European home cooked meals, mainly in a fusion style, making use of locally available ingredients, and whatever our garden, farm provides.

We have received sufficient 220V and 3 phase 380V Grid Power to operate new or used kitchen equipment, which should incl a decent oven, also a baking oven for bread and pastry, a deep fryer, a griddle, pots pans, etc…. small materials & tools, even furnishing and decoration, etc. Total budget € 22.000,- Euro

Land and additional homes; Dreaming aloud, we urgently need to expand, and need to develop an additional home for our younger children away from “?their home?” near schools, community- and utility services.

Reasoning; In our current home, we provide residential care for roughly 30, while the house was originally constructed as a spacious single family home. As it is rented we are extremely vulnerable to unforeseen rental increase, besides the fact that we don’t like to invest more in the same rented premises.

In that rented house we provide currently a loving home for those with different traumas, for girls of all ages having lived by different values, different lives all together. To be able not to affect the younger ones, more innocent, by the experiences of the elder ones, we like to separate these …. to avoid unnecessary harm.

For these younger ones, we would love to lease/purchase about 2.4 Acres, +/- 1 HA in or near Kalangala Town. The current (2017) property price in a suitable area are roughly 30 million UGX per acre or roughly € 10.800,- for 1 HA. Suitable multiple small houses (the SOS Children village concept) are to be built-in phases, the cost roughly € 25.000,- Euro for each unit, providing a home for 10 children. One needs to add some for infrastructure work, access roads, septic- and waste-water-treatment, connection to common utility services. The children and we, even our community leaders are willing to contribute, willing to providing goodwill and labor.

ad 2.

The donation of goods, materials in-kind, however if; …. please consider that such must include; transport, handling, import duties and taxes, as we lack the funds to pay for such when these goods arrive. Considering all, it proves often less expensive to purchase locally, new goods, materials or equipment “Made in China or India, Asia at large”, instead of importing such used from abroad. If purchased locally, there is even a guarantee, often even a decent after sales service for the same.