Unfounded accusations

Dearest family members, real friends, partners, well-wishers, supporters and co-sponsors,

Home again, since Tuesday afternoon the 14th of January, and want to thank all of you for your trust and confidence, your psychological support, your actual hands-on support and actions taken.

Ingrid arrived here in Mweena/Kalangala on Thursday morning the 16th of Jan. after a long flight and a long all night ride via Masaka. Now we are celebrating being together, exchange information, and are making plans on how to tackle the coming challenges as this isn’t over yet, however …..


Thank also to these that entered my life, spontaneously offering or actually providing their help and support, even if some of them did not really know me that well. Bless them.

With your help, especially from my beloved partner in life and eternity, Ingrid, I’m out on Bail, mainly based on health grounds, my commitment to stay in the country until trial, the quality of the people to stood for me, and of course a cash bail of +/- $ 4000,-USD. Thank you, and especially the current and former Kalangala District Chairperson / LC5, equal to a Governor or Regierungspresident in other countries for their friendship, trust and confidence. I also thank my foster-children, their parents or guardians for their support, their lobbying, their visits while imprisoned.

Last but definitely not least, I thank my children that were arrested together with me, the youngest 7, imprisoned for 2.5 weeks, treated like criminals, again used, abused and eventually discarded, now by the SIU (Special Investigation Unit for Capital/Serious Crimes) in Kireka/Kampala, officially and formally for their best will.

When I entered our home here in Mweena/Kalangala, I was welcomed by my elder children, my staff, and a group of island citizen, that wanted to make me feel welcome, by decorating the entrance, the exterior and interior of the house and garden with balloon’s, flowers, and grooming the house, garden and compound for a foto-shoot. Ten’s came and continue to come daily to welcome me back home, bringing me fruits, chicken and other basics like rice, salt sugar, etc…. Amazing, to feel so appreciated.

District officials, incl. such from the Police came to apologize for what was done to me, begging Ingrid and me to continue to work, to serve, as we are adding value to these that the district, the government has no capacity for.

 Now to the charges :

As you read in the newspapers I was initially accused of defiling all our children. Defilement means the penetration of the bodies in whatever form or manner.

To such which are below the age of 14, to such under the care or authority by the accused, by such that are HIV+, is considered a Aggravated Defilement, a capital offense, maximal punishable by life or death.


22 children were over and over interviewed by female and male police officers, even psychologists, they were multiple times examined by Police doctors, by forensic specialist without result, and ultimately returned to their home. However as the SIU (Special Investigation Unit for Capital/Serious Crimes) in Kireka/Kampala could not get the evidence they wanted, the lost interest in these children, and allowed a news paper, the New Vision, to finance their return, in exchange for the permission to interview them while returning them. Sadly enough several children were not properly returned, as they were returned to these that abused them in the first place, the reason that we provided care for them. Several ran away from where they were dumped and are now missing.

Also I was multiple times interrogated and medically examined, DNA samples taken, etc….

Conclusion : There is no match

However : Two girls, little Rose (12) and Aziza (14), apprehended by Gloria Musiimwe based on lies to Roxane Turner (www.OneWorldToday.org) their legal guardian, proved to have freshly scared hymen, probably damaged by masturbation, and I’m now accused having done so, based on the Police probably with the skin-colored silicone dildo we have here to demonstrate the use of condoms in schools or communities.

This medical evidence must have been supported by verbal statements, however I’m doubtful. If so, definitely coached to say so by Gloria Musiimwe who keeps/kept them.

How this is/was linked to me is not understandable to me/us as these particular children are in a boarding school on the mainland, the last time in contact with me during their term 2 school vacation end of August/beginning of September 2013

Nevertheless : Due to this I’m now accused of Aggravated Defilement in two cases, both capital offences.

Court Date : Within the next 2-3 years ?????

Who is Gloria Musiimwe :

Gloria was recommended to me by Roxane Turner, in the beginning of 2009, while Roxane volunteered here. Gloria, then in the beginning of her twenties, lost her financial support to finish her university, studying counseling, and was urgently in need of money to participate in her examines. As her needs and profile did not match our aims, I offered her to work with us, as a counselor, as a big sister, as a matron, as a managements assistant, while doing so earn a salary, and to skip her studies for one year. With her saved earnings she could then finalize her studies.

She worked roughly 3 months for us.

However Gloria performed poorly, was unable to bond with the children, had no self-discipline, failed to demonstrate work ambition or interest, nor showed any other type of work related interest, besides the one to phone her friends, to play with my laptop, cosmetics, fashion, …. her looks. Without success, she even offered herself physically to ensure that I support her.

Together with my children we decided to dismiss her, and shortly after she left we were missing money and a brand new middle range Nokia phone that I brought from Belgium, foreseen for someone else, have however no proof, just coincidentally.

I never heard from her again, until the beginning of November 2013. She called, asked if she was allowed to visit, for …..

Friendly and hospitable as always, I allowed her to come, picked her even from the Kalangala MV Ferry and offered her our care and hospitality. She actually stayed for 3 nights.

While here she told me that she studied journalism and would like to write an story about us, the Kalangala Health center and the District Police.

I/we took good care of her while she was here, informed her openly about all and everything, after which she went to the Kalangala Hospital and the Police. I believed that she intended to write a positive story, as she offered to come and work for me as a personal assistant/caregiver, but I guess that this was naïve. However, in hindsight, I remember her asking very personal information about my health issues and the kids history, that I became then a bit hesitant, as my relationship with her wasn’t that close.

She was using our managers, Flavia’s, laptop to write her story, however as the same had only limited functionality, she asked me to copy that story to my laptop and to mail it to her private and NewVision e-mail address. When I did so, after she left on I belief on a Tuesday morning, back to Kampala, I read her draft and noticed many errors, wrong spelling of names, wrong dates, misinterpretation of data/facts provided, besides a very immature, uneducated writing style.

As I could not allow her to publish such, I edited the same and sent the edited version to her by mail, accompanied by some supporting data, even pictures.

Roughly a week later, she called (or beeped) motivating me to return her call. When I did, she asked me to call her back in a minute. When I did, I heard some clicking in the background in the beginning and the end of the conversation. This made me hesitant, and when I got from her leading questions in which she actually already included her answers, I made her aware of my hesitation, and lack of interest to cooperate further. She called once more and when she did the same, I hung-up and informed her via E-mail that I wasn’t willing to cooperate any further. A copy of the same mail was sent to the Kalangala Police and to Ingrid.

As I continued to refuse to speak to her, she stated on the phone to Flavia, our manager, that she would get me.

Roughly two weeks later, as these particular girls, Little Rose and Aziza did not arrive home from their school, I got concerned and started to investigate. I found out that Gloria had asked Roxane if she was allowed to offer these kids a little vacation, and indeed Roxane consented, however never for such purposes.

That is it, more you can read in the attached documents and mails.

Actually there is more, even more intrigue’s involving the highest spheres, but cant speak openly about such yet. However, rest assured, we work on it, and in the end hope to succeed, ultimately reactivating our charitable work, rebuilding our image and name, become compensated for the material and immaterial damage done, pain inflicted.

 I/we will not allow them to hurt our children again, destroy what took us so much effort to develop.

 We are convinced that we in the end will overcome, and come out of this like the Phoenix out of the Ashes. 

Bear with us, continue to trust us …… and again I/we thank all of you for your support !!!

 Love, hugs and kisses, 

I, we …… the Bernhard Glaser Family