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Poverty stricken, fearing authorities, often illiterate, and lacking alternatives; these are some of the problem factors facing girls when they are first brought to us. They are survivors of some form of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse and violence, some even trafficked, abandoned – or rejected – by their legal guardians.

We provide care and shelter to these girls until their legal matters come to a close.


However, their case very seldom comes to closure.

In our experience, the authorities normally lack the tools, the funds or the commitment to do so. The care providers settle such issues usually outside of the judiciary. Sometimes, we even need to provide support, to ensure that the evidence (even DNA evidence) is secured in a timely fashion and treated in the appropriate manner.

If not here, they face a challenge as poverty is an issue these days, these children are available for a pancake, a chapatis, a piece of underwear, a blink-blink – grown men using affordable girls, instead of mature woman, due to this ease of access.

Such realities are not even of concern to some Parent-Teacher Associations or School Management Committees, as educators here on the Ssese Islands are rare, stretched thinly amongst their numerous students, and seem to deserve or need some extra assistance in order to function in such a capacity.

That’s where we come in.

Of course there are the external scars of abuse, as all our kids are in need of physical and emotional rehabilitation. However, these girls need a mentor of values, self-esteem, self-respect, social tact and life skills. What these girls need most, you ask? Parental love, affection, care, community, guidance and a conductive environment which allows them to achieve and develop into responsible and valuable members of their society, as well as ours.

That’s where you come in.

With the help of community-bred sponsorship, by now some of these girls have become a permanent part of a bigger picture. Your contributions have given girls, often coming to us traumatized, abandoned, often used, abused and eventually discarded, a unique chance, an opportunity to overcome and to achieve, ultimately to live a somehow worthwhile, dignifying life, one that provides excellent choices and options.

But we are not done here.

One day, with our combined efforts, help and support, they will hopefully become such valuable members, continue what we have started, compensate our shortcomings, and succeed where we or others failed.


Last but definitely not least, I, Bery Glaser, due to my age (now 70), failing health, and even financial limitations, seek someone willing to take over from me; to become a gifted and loving parent to 30+ girls. A mentor, a counselor, but also a multitasker. Someone able to add knowledge, skills, patience, and thought, as well as a financially secure future for the girls we care for.

We don’t run an institution, but a loving family type home with a giant heart, and we need someone with parental skills to transition the home over to. So please, don’t hesitate, let’s talk and meet, and see where things end up. I, we look forward to meeting you, find compromises as long as these dont affect the wellbeing of the ones entrusted to us. Bery






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  1. Berry. I haven’t your address.
    Tu 6th March 2018 following my call.

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