Legal and Leadership

Ssese Humanitarian Services (formerly Budding Flowers), is a not-for-profit Ltd and CBO (Community Based Organization), registered as an Ltd by Guarantees since December 31st 2007 by the Registrar of Companies in Kampala, and registered at the District level in Kalangala since June 24th 2008.

Board of Directors / Trustee Members

Bernhard “Bery” Glaser (Email), LPT, Medical Practitioner, MBA, Co-Founder of Bery’s Place

IMG_4594Bery, 69, is the German/Belgian initiator is a retired health professional, executive manager and namesake of Bery’s Place. However, he’s also a dreamer with a big heart. He has a pragmatic, can-do attitude, is committed and creates facts. Bery is able to achieve were others fail. He surrounded himself with other equally committed humanitarians and just started to work. They struggled, but they overcame hurdles, taboos, cultural and traditional shortcomings.

However as no man is an island, he relies heavily on his “Better Half”:

Ingrid Dilen (E-mail), Human Resource Manager, MBA, Psychologist, Randstad NV, Treasurer and Co-Founder of Bery’s Place
E-Mail :

IngridIngrid Dilen, has been his loving and equally committed partner for over 38 years and counting. She functions here as the very dependable treasurer and administrator. In order to help finance all Bery’s Place does, Ingrid works hard in Belgium, and visits frequently.

Place Bisschopslaan 27, bus 1
2340- Beerse, Belgium

Ingrid and Bery not only consider these girls their responsibility, but take them in as their children. As such, Ingrid and Bery, as well as their families, finance Bery’s Place with their life-savings, and provide a nice home, nourishing meals, an abundance of parental love and care, and a conductive environment to achieve. However, they currently require more support, as they are financially overstretched and cover most expenses to ensure their girls an academic future.

You can help support this goal by donating here!

Anita Namubiru (UG), Bery’s Guardian daughter, one of the more responsible young ladies we provide a future for. By being on the Board, she can inform our children about the Boards decision, even voice their concerns, and have a vote regarding their own destiny.

Dr. med. M. Suuna (UG), a qualified physician/surgeon, with an MA in  Emergency Medicine, associated with the Kalangala Healthcenter 4, and voluntarily also  functioning as our Medical Officer.

Lester Kaganzi (UG), M/s Kaganzi & Co Advocates (Kampala Branch), Kob House, Plot 90, Ben Kiwanuka Street, Forth Floor, Suite No 403, P.O.Box 125, Kampala – Uganda, Mobile: +256 752 533834 funtioning as Legal- and Corporate Secretaries

Mentor – Advisor :

Kenneth Gimugu (UG), a judge/magistrate but also a qualified Child Development Specialist is our mentor and guiding light for all, though for deontological reasons not formally linked to us.

Chairperson (Hon) :
Willy Lugoloobi (Former Probation Officer, currently the District LC5-Chairman-Govenor)

Supported by an advisory committee, available when needed, fulfilling a multitude of functions:

Abraham Baale, Regional CLO
Daniel & Gladys Kikoola, Rt LC5-Chairman-Govenor

Anita Namubiru, Mgr Trainee, Daughter
Kenneth Gimugu, (Child Development Specialist)
Mm. Aisha Ndagire, Educator- Deputy Head Mistress

Many others in authority, elders, community leaders, etc….