Bery’s Place


Stated and written by Janet Nansubuga , now 21, a guardian daughter, a resident at Bery’s Place. (on the right)


We care for girls who have been used, abused, eventually discarded, without hope, without options, often without access to a worthwhile life.

We provide emergency shelter, post-traumatic adolescent sexual health services, even psychosocial services, mainly in cooperation with the district authorities being the Police, the Judicial and/or Social services. However we, even the peers, also teach & counsel, provide sexual education, vocational training even life-skills. In cooperation with our legal partners we provide youth friendly Human Rights- and other Legal services.

Bery, privately, as a Care-Provider provides also semi-permanent residential care for about 25+ girls, age wise from 4 to 22. Most of them stay at our facility named ‘Bery’s Place’ and we consider this our common home. All are going to school; some of us go to primary others to secondary schools or even to university. The ones going to university and boarding school come home during the holidays or vacations. Hilarious.


A normal week-school day at Bery’s Place.

We wake up at 4:45, take a shower and put on our school uniforms. Then together we eat a proper breakfast and go to school. Usually, Bery, our guardian Father drives us to school, at least to Kalangala Town roughly 3KM from our home. However sometimes we also need to walk, for some up to 10 to 20 kilometers to reach our schools.

When we come back always by foot from school at around 5:00PM others around 7:00PM, we are pooped.SONY DSC

By then we are definitely hungry, and can’t wait to enjoy a good dinner together. After dinner, we clean up, wash and dry the dishes, etc.. . Hereafter we do our homework and if lucky, however before 21:00 we watch a bit of TV news and/or our favorite soap up to 21.00. Then it is bedtime for all.


We have our garden where we work to earn our pocket-money, as Bery buys our vegetables at current market-prices. Usually we start to work in the garden in the morning at 7:30. We rake, water, feed and do whatever necessary. After working in the garden we have breakfast at 10:00 AM.


Within our compound we have also many fruit trees, like; Oranges, Lemons, Pommelos, Jackfruit, Mangos, Avocados, Guava’s, Passion Fruit and many more ….


Personally, by saving my pocket-money, I together with some of my sisters invested in young sows, which by now produced piglets. Some we’ll sell, others we will raise to reproduce more, so we can contribute to our financial needs, as we can’t overburden our sponsors. We’ll try our utmost best to make this a successful project, by doing so adding value to our home here as well as to my own future.


With the help of Bery and other volunteers, we learned to properly interact with foreigners, gained social skills, learned to speak a proper English, learned how to make necklaces and bracelets, learned to cook a wide array of foreign meals, even learned to cater to groups of foreigners, even to entertain the same with traditional Baganda-Chiganda dances.  As we love to demonstrate our gained knowledge and skills, don’t hesitate to challenge us. You are more then welcome, and we look forward to host you.

More about Ssese Humanitarian services (Bery’s Place)

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