Dear Friends and well-wishers

May 25th  2014, on my 66th birthday party here in Mweena, my by now good media friends and legal eagles surprised me with an amazing birthday gift, a documentary about our efforts here on the Ssese Islands.

I thank them and all of you for supporting our efforts, as without you, I, and the children we care for would be nowhere.

Thank you for all, bless you,

Hugs, we



Welcome to Bery’s Place

Providing a future for the used and abused, eventually discarded ……

Bery’s Place & Ssese Humanitarian Services
is a not-for-profit initiative, active since January 2006

We offer youth friendly services, provide knowledge to youngsters, to educators, to community leaders, to schools and communities at large and above all …. a home for physically or emotionally abused girls in need of shelter, care, warmth and proper parenting at large.

Bery’s Place is a private initiative of a German/Belgian humanitarian, (Our family initiative doesn’t receive any type of support from the national government or other institutions, NGO’s.) who wants to give young, infected, affected, abused or violated girls, a chance to have a worthwhile future.

This by providing initially the necessary clinical and para-medical aid to heal the more superficial wounds as well as the necessary parental care and love, counselling, and educational knowledge that might help them to deal with the less visible wounds. If we, over a period of time, are also able to add some life- and vocational skills, then we really achieved our objectives.

Where: Uganda, Lake Victoria, the Ssese Islands, Bugala Island, The Kalangala District, Kalangala (Mweena-Landing site)

Bery, the German/Belgian initiator is a retired health professional and executive manager, however also a dreamer with a big heart. He has a pragmatic, can-do attitude, is committed and creates facts, leaves an impact, is able to achieve were others fail. He surrounded himself with other equally committed humanitarians and just started to work, struggled, however overcame hurdles, taboos, cultural and traditional shortcomings.

However as no man is an island, he relies heavily on his “Better Half”:

Ingrid Dilen (B), since more than now 38 years his loving and equally committed partner, functioning within here as the accurate and dependable treasurer / administrator. To be able to finance all, Ingrid works hard in Belgium, visits however frequently.

Ingrid and Bery as well as their families finance Bery’s Place with their life-savings, such by providing a nice home, nourishing meals, an abundance of parental love and care, a conductive environment to achieve, all and everything a child requires. We however require currently more support, as we are financially overstretched, mainly to ensure our girls an academic future, in particular regarding school/education related expenses.

By now, Bery and his team, even his volunteers are more than welcome on the Ssese Islands, the Kalangala district at large, are accepted, included socially, their input highly appreciated and valued.